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Dodoma Municipality (Capital Development Area)

The Municipality of Dodoma is located at the south eastern end of the Tanzania Central Plateau at an elevation of 1,200 metres above sea level. The town is located at the geographical centre of the country on the vital Central Railway line; and on major crossroad of the National East West trunk road and the famous north to south Cape to Cairo Great North Road, which passes in Tanzania through Mbeya, Iringa, Dodoma, Babati and Arusha.

The Location

The town is 465 kilometres from Dar-es-Salaam, and 425 kilometres from Arusha situated at 6o south of the Equator. The total area earmarked for the Capital Development Area is 276,910 hectares, radiating 30-40 kilometres in each direction from the present centre of the town. The area involved includes the area earmarked for urbanization to a population of 1,000,000; future international Airport, underground water catchment area; agriculture and livestock grazing area, aforestation and conservation areas; and other necessary institutional and service facilities

The Climate

The Dodoma region is characterized by broad upland plains which are part of East African‘s Central Plateau. The Plains shelve gently down to mbuga swamps and separated by ranges of hills and punctuated by inselbergs, prominent, isolated rock outcrops. In their natural state, the plains are marked by open grassland with little or no tree or bush cover. Due to the erratic nature of the rains and strong radiant heat of the sun, much of the grass is sparse, except in the low lying areas. Most common, however,are wooded grassland and bushland with thickets. There types of ground cover represent the majority in Dodoma area. In many areas they are typified by groups of enormous baobab trees. The bush tends to be leafless and drab in the dry season, but springs to luxuriant life during the rains when the whole countryside turns a brilliant green. Woodlands form the remainder of the area, with the heaviest concentrations on the hills of the region.

The Dodoma hills rise about 400 metres above the general level of plans. They are of great charm, with gentle valleys dividing them, such as Ntyuka and Luaha valleys. Bounding the northerly plain to the North east are the more mountainous Hombolo Hills, rising 900 meters above the plan. From the site of the capital these appear as a massive wall. This encompasses the plain, fascinating in their changing moods and colours


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